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Nassau County Pool Services, LLC is pleased to announce the partnership with a Lifeguard Training company, DJ, Cleanup and Setup crew, Bartender, Grill company and a Scuba Diving Company.

Planning a party by the swimming pool? Are you looking to have a small and quiet get-together? Perhaps you are looking for big and loud festivity? However you choose to throw your poolside party, do you need lifeguards at your pool?

We’ve got you covered. Need ideas for a theme, drinks, food, decorations, games or invitations? You’re just a click away from plenty of tips, hints and how-to’s.

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    Make sure you have some extra towels and flip flops for guests who forget their own.

    Provide a room for guests to change into their bathing suits and leave their clothes.

    Plenty of umbrellas are a must for guests who prefer to relax in the shade.

    Use plastic ‘glasses’ for drinks as broken glass is not what you want to have to deal with.

    Place your pool furniture around the edge of the pool with tables in between where guests can put their food and drink.

    Have lots of inflatable pool toys in the pool so guests can have fun splashing about with them.

    Choose appropriate music for your age group of guests and make sure someone is responsible for keeping it playing.

    Candles come into their own as the sun sets and look very pretty floating in the pool at night. Citronella candles on tables are useful for keeping the bugs at bay and you might like to have some bug spray to hand as well.

    Mark the depth of your pool with waterproof tape for your guests’ safety.

    Spritzer bottles of water placed in ice buckets are great for your guests to spray on and keep cool also provide some sunscreen for guests as it’s all too easy to get burned while sunbathing without realizing it.

    Favors are a lovely touch for your guests and according to your budget you could go for inexpensive flip flops, sunglasses, and sunscreen or bust the budget and go for mini bottles of champagne!

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