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Pool Installation in LOng island


Our sales & construction office is located in Nassau County NY in Long Island. We specialize in building and remodeling gunite pools (also called concrete pools or shotcrete pools).

​Our sales & construction offices that are located in Nassau County NY in Long Island specialize in all phases of swimming pool contracting, pool Installation, pool remodeling, pool masonry, and pool service.

With Nassau County Pool Services, LLC , distinguished custom swimming pool designs don’t have to come at designer prices.

Our seasoned, high-caliber creative teams are schooled in the country’s latest style trends, and that means we can develop and build a custom/install pool design & spa tailored to your aesthetic and spending preferences.

Nassau County Pool Services, LLC seasoned, high-caliber creative teams are schooled in the country’s latest style trends, and that means we can develop and build a custom pool design & spa tailored to your aesthetic and spending preferences.

Does a lagoon style luxury pool complete with grotto, swim-up bar, and a natural “beach style” entry appeal to you?
Perhaps a simple Grecian swimming pool accented with antiqued brick and your favorite potted ferns is more to your taste. Or maybe you prefer an in-floor mosaic pool with a rock waterfall or an easy free-form shaped pool that integrates feng shui design principles. Whatever suits your taste and budget, you can have the original luxury pool & spa you’ve always wanted with Nassau County Pool Services, LLC inspired designs and meticulous craftsmanship.

Our swimming pool designers offer in-home estimates with pricing and custom pool plans for new construction and renovations. They can also provide you information on options for pool financing. All pool shapes and sizes are available, and you can choose from low-cost pools, as well as high-end custom pools.

Some of the most popular choices include: 
*outdoor pools 
*enclosed pools
*indoor pools    
*lap pools     
*sports pools       
*saltwater pools      
*infinity pools      
*negative-edge pools     
*vanishing-edge pools     
*rock pools 
*lagoon pools /natural pools

​The most-requested pool-design options include rock waterfalls, pool fountains & water features, beach entries, pool mosaics, pool lighting, tanning shelves / sun shelves, pebble finishes, and colored quartz interior finishes.

Features Include:          

  • 8 amazing color choices           

  • 22 different styles to choose from          

  • Non-Skid walk surfaces         

  • Swim Edge          

  • Relaxation station with parasol       

  • Energizer Bench        

  • Dual-entry walk-in steps         

  • A size for every yard         

  • Bench seating for guests   

  • Resistance swimming pool options available                                                       

Advantages of a Gunite Pool in Nassau County Long Island:
The major advantage of a concrete or “gunite” pool is the flexibility.  
You can customize your pool to the designated size,length, depth with the freedom to add additions, such as a vanishing edge. This is the main difference between the fiberglass pools shown above.
Fiberglass pools are already formed structures.

To get an idea of the installation process, see our comparative steps below: 

GUNITE POOL We gunite the walls around the steel grid forms built in. This will provide the hard surfaces necessary for the interior design of your pool. When we build/install your pool we dig out the area necessary for the size of your pool and begin shaping the ground according to the specifications for your pool design. 

FORMING & STEELING We begin forming a concrete pool by the walls around your pool with steel grid construction. By the time this process is completed, you’ll have a good idea what the outline of your pool looks like. When installing a fiberglass pool we begin to form the outline of the actual pool.

DECKING & COPING The decking and coping for your pool go hand-in-hand. We carefully install the decking to mesh well with the  coping surrounding your pool.

THE FINAL TOUCHES This is where you come in… after cleaning up all the work areas and fill the pool with water it is time for you to start enjoying your pool. 

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